Bus Stop

Technology / Motorcycle / Bus Stop: A slow first-gear corner.

Other Words for Stop

Stop Verb Synonyms: peter out, be over, end
Stop Adjective Synonyms: discontinue, halt, terminate, cease, break off, end, put an end or a stop to, bring to a stop or a halt or an end or a close, give up, quit, leave off, finish, conclude, desist, refrain, abandon, draw to a close, be over, come to a stop or a
Stop Noun Synonyms: pause, break, take a break, interrupt, tarry, sojourn, rest, stay, put up, lodge, visit, stop off or in or over, pull over, pull up

Red raspberry leaves (Rubus idaeus)

Health / Herbs / Red raspberry leaves (Rubus idaeus): A uterine tonic, relaxes the uterus, traditionally believed to lead to an easier childbirth, midwives have found that women who drink raspberry leaf tea regularly during pregnancy have decreased chanc MORE


Life Style / Wine / Robust: Full-bodied, powerful, heady MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Robusta: High in caffeine and rather bitter. Generally less acid and less aromatic than arabica coffee. Often slightly woody. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Rebus: A visual pun in which a written sign stands for a different meaning than its normal one--usually because the two words sound alike. For instance, the letters C and U sound like the words see and you i MORE

Rambus In-Line Memory Module (RIMM)

Technology / Computers / Rambus In-Line Memory Module (RIMM): RIMM is a synchronous dynamic random access memory (RAM) module that is used on newer motherboards. RIMM's are manufactured by Rambus Corporation. MORE

Physical Abuse

Life Style / Adoption / Physical Abuse: The inflicting of a non-accidental physical injury upon a child. This may include burning, hitting, punching, shaking, kicking, beating or otherwise harming a child. It may, however, have been the res MORE