Technology / Motorcycle / Caliper: A Caliper is the non-rotating portion of the disc brake that contains the hydraulic components including the brake pads. The Caliper is positioned on both sides of the Rotor such that as the brakes are applied, the brake pads are pressed against both sides of the Rotor, thereby stopping the motorcycle.

Radial Mounted Calipers

Technology / Motorcycle / Radial Mounted Calipers: A transfer of technology from road racing machines to street bikes of today. The brake calipers attach to the front fork with bolts aligned with the caliper centerline (as opposed to bolts through the MORE

Disc Brake

Technology / Motorcycle / Disc Brake: A Disc Brake consists of both a rotating portion called the Rotor and a stationary portion called the Caliper. The Rotor is attached to the wheel of the motorcycle. The Caliper assembly parts work aga MORE

Master Cylinder

Technology / Motorcycle / Master Cylinder: A Master Cylinder for a motorcycle is usually located in two places. The front master cylinder is positioned on the right handlebar where the front brake lever can easily activate it to control the fr MORE