Technology / Motorcycle / Cam: An eccentrically shaped rotor that converts rotational movement into linear movement. Cams are used in the operation of valves, contact breaker points, and drum brakes.

Plate Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Plate Camera: Camera designed to take glass plates but often adapted to take cut film. MORE

Studio Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Studio Camera: Term given to a large format 12 x 15 inch camera on a wheeled stand. MORE

Field Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Field Camera: Sheet film camera suitable for use in location work. MORE

Camera Shake

Entertainment / Photography / Camera Shake: Movement of the camera caused by an unsteady hold or support. It is a major cause of un-sharp pictures, especially with long focus lenses. MORE

View Camera

Entertainment / Photography / View Camera: Is a large format camera which has a ground glass screen at the image plane for viewing and focusing. MORE

Stand Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Stand Camera: Large format camera usually mounted on a rigid stand. MORE