Clutch - Wet

Technology / Motorcycle / Clutch - Wet: A Wet Clutch is one that contains many plates that are in the oil spray of the transmission and the oil gets between the plates. The plates on wet clutches have a tendency to stick together when the bike sits. So, when you start the bike in the morning, before you put it in first gear to move off, depress the clutch lever for about 30 seconds to allow the oil on the plates to drain off and the plates to separate. Otherwise, you'll get a decided clunk and slight movement forward when you put it in first.

Other Words for Clutch

Clutch Verb Synonyms: seize, snatch, grab, grasp, take or lay hold of, hold, snag

Other Words for Wet

Wet Noun Synonyms: moist, moistened, damp, dampened, soaked, soaking, sopping, wringing, dripping, sodden, soppy, saturated, drenched
Wet Adjective Synonyms: milksop, softie or softy, lightweight, drip, loser, weed, wimp, weak sister
Wet Verb Synonyms: rain, wetness, mist, dew, fog, damp, humidity

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