Technology / Motorcycle / Colors: Many bikers/motorcyclists join motorcycle clubs. Usually these clubs have distinctive jackets. Also, clubs will issue club patches to display on the jackets. These patches and sometimes the jacket design itself are known as Colors. In certain motorcycle clubs there may be disputes over territory and the wording and arrangement of the various elements of the Colors. You may hear that certain establishments don't want any Colors displayed by bikers so that such disputes will not occur.

Other Words for Colors

Colors Noun Synonyms: flag, ensign, standard, pennant, banner, burgee

Primary Colors

Entertainment / Photography / Primary Colors: Three primary additive colors of the spectrum in terms of transmitted light. These colors are blue, green and red. MORE

Staining Colors

Life Style / Painting / Staining Colors: Colors that cannot be fully removed from your paper. Staining colors permeate the fiber of the paper and leave a permanent tint. Check your hands after painting, the hardest colors to wash off are usu MORE

Broken Colors

Life Style / Painting / Broken Colors: The unequal mixing of two complementary colors. MORE