Compression Ratio

Technology / Motorcycle / Compression Ratio: In an internal combustion engine, the measurement of the difference between cylinder volume at BDC and TDC. This is the ratio of the maximum-to-minimum volume within the cylinder, between the piston and cylinder head, containing a combination of fuel and air being compressed. A high compression ratio results in more mechanical energy that an engine can squeeze from its air-fuel mixture. High ratios place increased oxygen and fuel molecules into a reduced space: thus, they allow increased power at the moment of ignition. Compression ratio is a single number that can be used to predict engine performance.

Other Words for Ratio

Ratio Adverb Synonyms: proportion, relationship, correlation, correspondence

Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)

Business / Finance / Options Clearing Corporation (OCC): Applies to derivative products. Financial institution that is the actual issuer and guarantor of all listed option contracts. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Orchestration: Arranging a piece of music for an orchestra. Also, the study of music. MORE

Operations Director

Health / Health Insurance / Operations Director: Individual who typically oversees claims, management information services, enrollment, underwriting, member services, and office management. MORE