Contact Breaker

Technology / Motorcycle / Contact Breaker: The spring switch in the low-tension ignition circuit that controls the timing of the spark in the high-tension circuit. Operated by a cam, contact breakers are sometimes called points.

Other Words for Contact

Contact Noun Synonyms: junction, conjunction, connection

Contact Printer

Entertainment / Photography / Contact Printer: Apparatus used for making contact prints. Equipment ranges from a contact printing frame to more sophisticated boxes with safe lighting. MORE

Contact Print

Entertainment / Photography / Contact Print: Negative sized photograph made by exposing printing paper in direct contact with the negative. MORE

Contact Patch

Technology / Motorcycle / Contact Patch: The Contact Patch (CP) is the area on the ground where your motorcycle tire actually touches the road surface. This area can be very small and highlights the fact that there isn't much actual contact MORE

Contact Screen

Entertainment / Photography / Contact Screen: Type of half-tone screen in which the dots consist of slightly unsharp halos. Used to make half-tone images. MORE

Drawing Contact

Entertainment / Basketball / Drawing Contact: An offensive move intended to produce a foul call on the defensive player. A typical strategy is to drive into a defensive player whose feet are not stationary. When the two players make bodily contac MORE


Entertainment / Tennis / Tiebreaker: A special game at the score 6-6 in a set to decide the winner of the set; the winner is the first to reach at least seven points with a difference of two over the opponent. MORE