Contact Patch

Technology / Motorcycle / Contact Patch: The Contact Patch (CP) is the area on the ground where your motorcycle tire actually touches the road surface. This area can be very small and highlights the fact that there isn't much actual contact between your bike and the road.

Other Words for Contact

Contact Noun Synonyms: junction, conjunction, connection

Other Words for Patch

Patch Adverb Synonyms: piece, scrap, reinforcement, shred, snip, snippet, tatter, pad
Patch Adjective Synonyms: area, section, segment, plat, plot, lot, tract, ground, parcel, field
Patch Noun Synonyms: responsibility, area, bailiwick, territory


Life Style / Travel / Patch: A transdermal medication that is applied to the skin via an adhesive patch to prevent or reduce the onset of seasickness. MORE

Incidental Contact

Entertainment / Basketball / Incidental Contact: Minor, usually inadvertent contact, that is usually ignored by officials. MORE

Drawing Contact

Entertainment / Basketball / Drawing Contact: An offensive move intended to produce a foul call on the defensive player. A typical strategy is to drive into a defensive player whose feet are not stationary. When the two players make bodily contac MORE

Patch Chart

Entertainment / Photography / Patch Chart: Squared pattern test strip often made when color printing by the additive method. MORE

Patch Panel

Technology / Computers / Patch Panel: In networking a patch panel connects all networked computers to the incoming and outgoing lines of a LAN (Local Area Network) or any other electronic communications system. MORE

Purple Patch

Entertainment / Literature / Purple Patch: A section of purple prose or writing that is too ornate or florid for the surrounding plain material, which in turn looks too tranquil or dull by the incongruity of the startling purple patch. The col MORE