Crash Bar

Technology / Motorcycle / Crash Bar: Many motorcycles have a Crash Bar or guard to protect the bike should it fall over. You'll have to look carefully on some bikes to see them and not all bikes are so equipped. Some models hide the protectors behind plastic covers. Look for extended areas on the bike where the guards may be hiding. For Newbies, a Crash Bar may be the only thing standing in the way of an expensive repair job that could cost you hundreds of dollars because of a simple tipover.

Other Words for Bar

Bar Noun Synonyms: rod, shaft, pole, stick, stake
Bar Preposition Synonyms: except (for), excepting, excluding, barring, outside (of), save for, aside from, but
Bar Verb Synonyms: fasten, close up, secure, shut up, lock, lock up, padlock

Other Words for Crash

Crash Noun Synonyms: fall, topple
Crash Verb Synonyms: force, drive, run, smash

Faustian Bargain

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Fractional Bargaining

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Fractional Bargaining: Bargaining that takes place at a department or unit level which may lead to an unwritten consensus to ignore certain provisions of a collective bargaining agreement. MORE

Gold Bars

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