Crotch Rocket

Technology / Motorcycle / Crotch Rocket: A term some people use to describe a high-performance sportbike motorcycle.

Other Words for Rocket

Rocket Verb Synonyms: zoom, take off, sky-rocket, shoot up, climb, rise rapidly, soar, spiral upwards, go through the roof

Rocket Scientist

Business / Finance / Rocket Scientist: An employee of an investment firm (often having a Ph.D. in physics or mathematics) that works on highly mathematic models of derivative pricing. MORE


Science / Weather / Rocketsonde: A type of radiosonde that is shot into the atmosphere by a rocket, allowing it to collect data during its parachute descent from a higher position in the atmosphere than a balloon could reach. MORE

Solid Rocket Booster (SBR)

Technology / Rockets / Solid Rocket Booster (SBR): Solid Rocket Boosters are boosters which are strapped onto the side of a rocket to assist in liftoff which then fall away from the rocket once the solid propellant has burned out. Examples of NASA roc MORE

Sprocket Holes

Entertainment / Photography / Sprocket Holes: Perforations on both edges of 35mm film, which engage with the teeth of the film transport mechanism. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Rocket: A ball thrown with extra speed; see also bb and bullet. MORE

Rice Rocket

Technology / Motorcycle / Rice Rocket: High performance sport bike from Japan MORE