Technology / Motorcycle / Damper: Means of controlling speed of movement of the steering or suspension.

Steering Damper

Technology / Motorcycle / Steering Damper: In order to prevent or minimize the front wheel from oscillating left and right over varied or bumpy pavement, some street motorcycles utilize a steering damper. On most bikes, this is simply a hydrau MORE

Flue Damper

Business / Construction / Flue Damper: An automatic door located in the flue that closes it off when the burner turns off: purpose is to reduce heat loss up the flue from the still-warm furnace or boiler. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Piano: Keyboard instrument whose strings are struck with hammers controlled by a keyboard mechanism: pedals control dampers in the strings that stop the sound when the finger releases the key MORE

Cabernet Franc

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Cabernet Franc: Recently - (4-97) - discovered to be one of the parent grape varieties that gave rise to the Cabernet Sauvignon cultivar. Mainly found in cooler, damper climatic conditions than its offspring. Shows m MORE