Dirt Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Dirt Bike: Some motorcycles are designed to be ridden on rough terrain. They are known as Dirt Bikes or trail bikes. Dirt bikes will typically have suspension with more travel than a street bike, higher ground clearance, and a small (less than 500cc) engine. Related to dirt bikes are dual-sport bikes which are street-legal versions of dirt bikes with more suspension travel than a standard bike but having all the other equipment usually found on street bikes.

Other Words for Dirt

Dirt Noun Synonyms: soil, mud, muck, mire, grime, slime, sludge, ooze, slop, dust, soot, excrement, ordure, filth, waste, refuse, trash, garbage, rubbish, offal, junk, dross, sweepings, leavings, scrap, orts, gunge, grunge

Trail Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Trail Bike: A lightweight motorcycle for riding on trails and rough surfaces. Also known as a Dirt Bike or Off-Road motorcycle. MORE

Rich Urban Biker (RUB)

Technology / Motorcycle / Rich Urban Biker (RUB): Image-oriented motorcycle owner with more money than riding knowledge or experience. MORE

Road Bike

Health / Fitness / Road Bike: The traditional type of outdoor bicycle with curved handlebars that is built for speed. MORE