Disc Brake

Technology / Motorcycle / Disc Brake: A Disc Brake consists of both a rotating portion called the Rotor and a stationary portion called the Caliper. The Rotor is attached to the wheel of the motorcycle. The Caliper assembly parts work against the Rotor to apply pressure to it thereby stopping the wheel from turning. It's difficult to say precisely when the components of a disc brake should be replaced since so much depends on how the motorcyclist uses the brakes.

Other Words for Brake

Brake Noun Synonyms: curb, check, restraint, restriction, constraint, control, rein
Brake Verb Synonyms: slow, slow up or down, put on or apply the brakes, reduce speed, decelerate, slacken, hold up

Drum Brake

Technology / Motorcycle / Drum Brake: A Drum Brake is the older style of motorcycle brake. Most bikes use disc brakes these days. Drum brakes work by forcing brake shoes against the inside of a rotating drum that is part of the wheel. Man MORE

Integrated Brakes

Technology / Motorcycle / Integrated Brakes: Integrated Brakes are used on motorcycles to link together the front and rear brakes. Many inexperienced riders in panic situations tend to overuse the rear (foot) brake. This causes skidding and poss MORE

Housing Financial Discrimination Act Of 1977 (Holden Act)

Business / Real Estate / Housing Financial Discrimination Act Of 1977 (Holden Act): The Act prohibits financial institutions (banks, savings & loans, or other financial institutions, including mortgage loan brokers, mortgage bankers and public agencies) from engaging in discriminator MORE