Technology / Motorcycle / Displacement: Displacement is the volume displaced in the cylinders of an engine as the pistons move from their bottom position to their highest position in the cylinders. Displacement is measured in either cubic centimeters (CC) or cubic inches (CI).

Double Displacement

Science / Chemistry / Double Displacement: A double displacement or metathesis is a reaction in which two reactants trade fragments: AB + CD = AC + BD, Most commonly, the fragments are ions, e. G. Agno3(aq) + nacl(aq) = agcl(s) + nano3(aq) MORE

Character Displacement

Science / Marine Biology / Character Displacement: A pattern in which two species with overlapping ecological requirements differ more when they co-occur than when they do not. The difference is usually in a morphological feature related to resource e MORE

Employment Displacement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Employment Displacement: Occurs when an employee is terminated as a result of position elimination. MORE

Debt Displacement

Business / Finance / Debt Displacement: Ability to borrow. The amount a firm can borrow up to the point where the firm value no longer increases. MORE

Job Displacement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Job Displacement: Occurs when an employee’s position is eliminated. MORE

Single Displacement

Science / Chemistry / Single Displacement: A reaction of the form A + BC = B + AC. For example, zinc displaces hydrogen from hydrochloric acid in the following reaction: Zn(s) + 2 hcl(aq) = zncl2(aq) + H2(g). MORE