Drag Bars

Technology / Motorcycle / Drag Bars: Drag Bars are distinctive custom handlebars that are relatively straight and require a slight forward leaning to reach. The look is great but some complain about difficult low-speed handling. You may need long arms to have a successful experience using Drag Bars.

Other Words for Drag

Drag Verb Synonyms: pull, draw, haul, tow, tug, trail, lug

Dragons Tail

Science / Astrology / Dragons Tail: An ancient term for the Moon's South Node, derived fro the Latin cauda draconis. MORE

Gold Bars

Business / Finance / Gold Bars: The value of a company to another company or individual in terms of an operating business. The difference between a company's going-concern value and its asset or liquidation value is deemed goodwill MORE

Lift-Drag Ratio

Technology / Aviation / Lift-Drag Ratio: The lift coefficient of a wing divided by the drag coefficient, as the primary measure of the efficiency of an aircraft: aka L/D Ratio. MORE

Toe Drag

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Toe Drag: Dragging the puck along the ice with the end (toe) of the stick blade on the ice as opposed to the bottom edge. MORE

Dragons Head

Science / Astrology / Dragons Head: An ancient term for the Moon's North Node, derived from the Latin caput draconis. MORE

Drag Wire

Technology / Aviation / Drag Wire: A wire designed to resist DRAG forces, usually running from a forward inboard point to an outboard aft point. MORE