Dry Sump

Technology / Motorcycle / Dry Sump: An oil lubrication system for four-stroke and two-stroke internal combustion engines that incorporates an additional oil reservoir as compared to a wet sump system. Rather than the oil being collected in a conventional oil pan, or sump, for engine lubrication, oil is pumped into a secondary reservoir and then pumped to the engine bearings, effectively eliminating the oil starvation a wet sump system suffers when subjected to high-performance acceleration, braking, and cornering.

Other Words for Dry

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Oil Mist Lubrication-Wet Sump

Technology / Motors / Oil Mist Lubrication-Wet Sump: Similar to Oil Mist Lubrication - Dry Sump, except that a pool of oil is developed in the bearing chamber. This oil pool will continue to supply oil to the bearing in the event that the oil mist is in MORE

Wet Sump

Technology / Motorcycle / Wet Sump: As part of the lubricating system of an internal combustion engine, a wet sump is a built-in oil reservoir at the base of the engine. From there oil is pumped into various engine bearings and then dra MORE


Business / Construction / Sump: Pit or large plastic bucket/barrel inside the home designed to collect ground water from a perimeter drain system. MORE