Technology / Motorcycle / Esses: A series of turns with quick left and right transitions.

Decaffeination Processes

Life Style / Coffee / Decaffeination Processes: Specialty coffees are decaffeinated in the green state, currently by one of four methods. The direct solvent method involves treating the beans with solvent, which selectively unites with the caffeine MORE

Food-Borne Illnesses

Business / Agriculture / Food-Borne Illnesses: Illnesses caused by pathogens that enter the human body where food is the carrier. In order of the incidence of cases, the leading pathogens are Campylobacter (bacteria commonly found in poultry), Sal MORE

Non-Silver Processes

Entertainment / Photography / Non-Silver Processes: Are image making processes that do not require the use of metallic silver, such as gum bichromate. MORE

Transfer Processes

Entertainment / Photography / Transfer Processes: Methods of transferring a photographic image from one surface to another. MORE

Pigment Processes

Entertainment / Photography / Pigment Processes: Making a positive print by using the property of bichromated colloids by changing their physical characteristics with exposed light. Gum bichromate is a pigmented process. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Jongleuresses: Female jongleurs, or wandering entertainer/minstrels. MORE