Face Cam

Technology / Motorcycle / Face Cam: A cam system in which the eccentrics are situated on the face of a rotating disc.

Other Words for Face

Face Noun Synonyms: mask, veneer, facade, front, camouflage, pretence, disguise, (false) impression, semblance, masquerade
Face Verb Synonyms: coat, surface, cover, clad, dress, sheathe, overlay, finish, veneer
Face Adjective Synonyms: visage, countenance, physiognomy, features, lineaments, mug, mush, kisser, pan, puss, phiz, phizog, dial, clock


Technology / Motorcycle / Off-Camber: OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. As an example, Harley makes a motorcycle out of parts and Harley is the OEM for that motorcycle. Users then may modify or add parts to the machine. Most MORE

One Shot Color Camera

Entertainment / Photography / One Shot Color Camera: Is an obsolete plate camera making three color separation negatives from a single exposure. MORE

Original Face Value

Business / Finance / Original Face Value: The principal amount of a mortgage as of its issue date. MORE

Overhead Camshaft (OHC)

Technology / Motorcycle / Overhead Camshaft (OHC): A camshaft in an internal-combustion engine that is mounted within the cylinder heads, above the combustion chambers, and drives the valves or lifters directly instead of using pushrods. MORE

Occlusal Surface

Health / Dentistry / Occlusal Surface: The chewing surface of the back teeth. MORE

Network Interface Card (NIC)

Technology / Computers / Network Interface Card (NIC): An adapter installed in an expansion slot or integrated onto the motherboard and allows the computer to connect to a network. MORE