Technology / Motorcycle / Fairing: An enclosure on the front of the bike containing the windshield and affording wind protection to the rider. Can be attached to the frame and not move or be attached to the fork and move as the handlebars are turned.

Naked Bikes

Technology / Motorcycle / Naked Bikes: Sport or standard motorcycles with minimum bodywork, fairings or windshields. This is a motorbike in its most basic form. The emphasis is on functionality and ergonomics rather than aerodynamic body p MORE

Touring Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Touring Bike: Any motorcycle that you can take on a tour. Normally, it has a fairing, saddlebags, and requires little maintenance. However, any bike can be used for touring. MORE

Cafe Racer

Technology / Motorcycle / Cafe Racer: A style of motorcycle popularized in London in the ’50s where bikers wanted a fast, personalized and distinctive bike to travel from cafe to cafe. Many Cafe Racer bikes have distinctive small low-cu MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Roadster: Type of motorcycle with no fairing or wind protection, and where the bike’s engine and system components are visible. It came back into fashion at the start of the 90s as a tribute to past motorcycl MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Dresser: Normally a large fully equipped bike with fairing, saddlebags, and a trunk. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Aerodynamics: Motorcycle aerodynamics refers to bike designs that have as little air resistance as possible to achieve greater speeds or to improve rider comfort. Wind tunnels aid manufacturers in their development MORE