Final Drive

Technology / Motorcycle / Final Drive: Means of transmitting power to the driven wheel, usually by chain, shaft, or belt.

Other Words for Drive

Drive Verb Synonyms: stab, plunge, thrust, sink, push, send, dig, ram
Drive Noun Synonyms: push, propel, impel, urge, press, thrust, move, motivate, actuate, prod, spur, goad, urge, force, make, compel, coerce, constrain, oblige, pressure or pressurize, high-pressure, induce, require, demand

Other Words for Final

Final Adjective Synonyms: ending, concluding, terminating, finishing, closing, last, terminal, ultimate, end


Life Style / Adoption / Finalization: Court action that grants permanent legal custody of a child to the adoptive parents. MORE

Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE)

Technology / Computers / Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE): Specifically refers to a hard disk with the disk controller integrated into it. Also refers to the ATA interface. IDE drives are characterized by a wide ribbon cable connecting the drive to the mother MORE

Lens Drive System

Entertainment / Photography / Lens Drive System: Used in autofocus slr cameras. One type has a motor located inside the lens: in another, a motor inside the camera body turns the lens via a drive shaft. MORE

Line Drive

Entertainment / Baseball / Line Drive: A ball hit in the air at a low projectory directly to a fielder or through the infield. MORE

Finality Development

Entertainment / Photography / Finality Development: Prolonged development, reducing silver halides affected by light to silver until no further image density improvement occurs. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Finale: Movement or passage that concludes the musical composition. MORE