Foot Pegs

Technology / Motorcycle / Foot Pegs: Foot Pegs are pegs wide enough to support the foot while riding. They may be mounted directly under the rider or placed forward in the cruiser style. Sometimes, floorboards are used in the place of Foot Pegs.

Front Footage

Business / Real Estate / Front Footage: The measurement of a parcel of land by the number of feet of street or road frontage. MORE

Highway Pegs

Technology / Motorcycle / Highway Pegs: Footrests situated forward of the rider so the legs can be stretched out to relieve highway fatigue. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Footstock: Part of an indexing, attachment which has a center and serves the same purpose as the tail stock of a lathe. MORE

Footsie (FTSE)

Business / Finance / Footsie (FTSE): Used in the context of general equities. Investment banks published list of buy and sell recommendations from its research department; signified by a flashing 'F' on Quotron. MORE

Footer, Footing

Business / Construction / Footer, Footing: Continuous 8' or 10' thick concrete pad installed before and supports the foundation wall or monopost. MORE


Health / Fitness / Footprint: A designeted space required for a workout machine. MORE