Technology / Motorcycle / Fork: The metal tubes that connect the front wheel to the motorcycle frame via the triple tree. For handling, the front fork is a critical motorcycle component as it allows the rider to steer. The fork, along with its attachment points on the frame establish the critical motorcycle geometry parameters of rake and trail, which in turn contribute to wheelbase.

Telescopic Forks

Technology / Motorcycle / Telescopic Forks: Front suspension system on a motorcycle comprised of two fork tubes which contain coil springs. The tubes "telescope" up and down to absorb road bumps. This is the most common form of motorcycle fork MORE

Earles Forks

Technology / Motorcycle / Earles Forks: Long leading-link forks, ie front suspension by pivoting fork controlled by twin shock absorbers. Designed by Earnie Earles, they were used by many manufacturers in the 1950s. MORE

Druid Forks

Technology / Motorcycle / Druid Forks: Side-sprung girder forks. Druid were the original makers. MORE