Forward Controls

Technology / Motorcycle / Forward Controls: The foot pegs, foot brake, and shifter on a motorcycle can be located either pretty much straight down from the rider or positioned more to the front of the bike. In a forward position, the controls are referred to as Forward Controls.

Other Words for Forward

Forward Noun Synonyms: advance, leading, foremost, front, head, first
Forward Adjective Synonyms: (well-)advanced, (well-)developed, progressive, precocious, forward-looking
Forward Adverb Synonyms: advance, further, promote, back, foster, support, aid, assist, help, patronize, encourage, nourish, nurse along
Forward Verb Synonyms: speed (up), accelerate, advance, hasten, expedite, hurry, quicken, step up

Forward Trade

Business / Finance / Forward Trade: A method for hedging price risk that involves an agreement between a lender and an investor to sell particular kinds of loans at a specified price and future time. MORE

Forward Selling

Business / Agriculture / Forward Selling: Forward contracting in which the price is fixed at the time the contract is entered. MORE

Forward-Looking Multiple

Business / Finance / Forward-Looking Multiple: A transaction for which settlement will occur on a specified date in the future at a price agreed upon on the trade date. MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Forwards: Two players generally positioned closer to the basket than the guards. They often assume a floor position along the perimeters of the free-throw lane and maneuver both inside and outside. MORE

Land Use And Development Controls

Business / Agriculture / Land Use And Development Controls: Ordinances, resolutions, and controls enacted by local government under the authority of state enabling legislation to protect public health, safety, or welfare. Many controls can affect agricultural MORE

Forward Sale

Business / Finance / Forward Sale: Agreement to borrow or lend at a specified future date at an interest rate that is fixed today. MORE