Four Stroke Engine

Technology / Motorcycle / Four Stroke Engine: The most common engine design found in street motorcycles. It refers to the number of times a piston moves up and down through each power cycle. 1. A downward stroke brings in the fuel/air mixture. 2. an upward stroke compresses the fuel/air mixture. 3. a downward stroke results when that mixture is ignited and expands (also known as the Power Stroke). 4. and finally an upward stroke expels the exhaust gases.

Other Words for Engine

Engine Adjective Synonyms: motor, machine, mechanism, appliance, apparatus, locomotive

Other Words for Stroke

Stroke Verb Synonyms: flourish, movement, gesture, mark, dash, splash
Stroke Noun Synonyms: action, motion, go, move, movement, feat, achievement
Stroke Adjective Synonyms: blow, rap, tap, thump, knock, smack, whack, swipe, slam, strike, wallop

Radial Engine

Technology / Aviation / Radial Engine: A reciprocating aircraft engine in which all of the cylinders are arranged radially, or spoke-like, around a small crankcase. Also referred to as round engines. MORE

Process Reengineering

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Process Reengineering: The process of improving business practices or methods by creating and implementing new processes or making changes to existing processes. MORE

Pop Stroke

Entertainment / Golf / Pop Stroke: A (typically putting) stroke characterized by an abrupt little 'hit' or twitch of force at the ball rather than a smooth acceleration through the ball MORE