Frame Sliders

Technology / Motorcycle / Frame Sliders: Many motorcycles have Engine Guards to protect the bike should it fall over. These are billed as Engine Guards but sometimes they are referred to as Crash Bars. We don't want to emphasize crashing a motorcycle since that is not a desired result and proper training should minimize the possibility of any crash. You'll have to look carefully on some bikes to see the engine guards and not all bikes are so equipped. Some models hide the protectors behind plastic covers. Look for extended areas on the bike where the guards may be hiding. For Newbies, an Engine Guard may be the only thing standing in the way of an expensive repair job that could cost you hundreds of dollars because of a simple tipover.

Other Words for Frame

Frame Noun Synonyms: framework, shell, form, skeleton, support, chassis, framing, structure, fabric, scaffolding, construction
Frame Verb Synonyms: enclose, box (in), set off


Technology / Computers / Mainframe: Mostly a mainframe is only a mainframe when compared to a desktop computer. It's bigger and much more powerful. Sometimes it's called a server or CPU. MORE

Masking Frame

Entertainment / Photography / Masking Frame: Is an adjustable frame used to hold printing paper in position under the enlarger, also referred to as an enlarging easel. MORE

Monocoque Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Monocoque Frame: A motorcycle frame in which the structure is made as one unit from a sheet material (ie alloy or steel). It may also include bodywork or fuel container in the structure. A Grand Prix motorcycle racing MORE