Full-Face Helmet

Technology / Motorcycle / Full-Face Helmet: A Full-Face Helmet surrounds the head with protection on the top, sides, back, front, and chin areas. There is a lift-up face shield and usually ventilation ports. Peripheral vision must meet standards so you will be able to see to the side. This helmet is harder to get used to and harder to put on especially if you wear glasses. It does, however, afford the best protection for your head and face should you find yourself sliding across the pavement face down.

Snell Helmet Rating

Technology / Motorcycle / Snell Helmet Rating: The Snell Memorial Foundation rates motorcycle helmets. The rating is based on dropping the helmet containing a simulated head from a height of 10 feet. The 'head' must receive no more than 285 Gs. A MORE

Modular Helmet

Technology / Motorcycle / Modular Helmet: Similar to a full face helmet, however the chin area can be pivoted up and out of the way, when a rider is stopped, for ease of communication and/or consuming food or beverages. See Modular Helmets. MORE

Helmet Hair

Technology / Motorcycle / Helmet Hair: Wearing a motorcycle helmet tends to mess up one's hair. Removing the helmet usually leaves hair sticking out in all directions. This is called helmet hair. It can be minimized by use of special skull MORE