Technology / Motorcycle / GPS: These days, motorcyclists want to equip their motorcycles with all the latest electronic gadgets. One of the most useful is a GPS (Global Positioning System). This tiny unit attaches to the handlebars and guides you from any point on the earth's surface to any other point giving you turn by turn instructions based on signals it receives from a set of 24 satellites that are orbiting the earth.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Business / Agriculture / Global Positioning System (GPS): A network of satellites that can be used by ground-based units to precisely determine their location by latitude and longitude. GPS is part of the infrastructure required to operate geographic informa MORE

Gps. Global Positioning System

Science / Marine Biology / Gps. Global Positioning System: An electronic device that uses positioning signals from satellites in order to locate precisely latitutude and longitude. Now used nearly exclusively for locating ship sampling stations at sea, but al MORE

Telematics Control Unit (TCU)

Technology / Cell Phones / Telematics Control Unit (TCU): The embedded vehicle control unit that communicates with the automobile controls, GPS satellite and customer service center to provide Telematics features to a driver. MORE