Technology / Motorcycle / Gloves: Hand apparel covering all or part of the hand and fingers. Motorcycle gloves provide additional safety and protective features. They are usually constructed of a durable material, such as leather (or textile) and have reinforced palms to protect the rider’s hands in case of an accident. Motorcycle gloves may also feature padded protection for the knuckles and finger joints. (Click here for related information on motorcycle gloves.)

Road Rash

Technology / Motorcycle / Road Rash: Road Rash is a term used to define injuries to the skin when a rider falls or is thrown from the motorcycle and lands or slides on the pavement. One reason riders wear full-face helmets, gloves, leath MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / E-ZPass: Motorcyclists have always had a problem at toll plazas. They have to slow down, push up their face shields, stop, shift into neutral (sometimes even put the sidestand down and kill the engine because MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Electrics: Many motorcyclists ride in all kinds of weather conditions. Thus, riding is not just for fair weather. Some motorcyclists ride when it gets cold and sometimes regular apparel just isn't enough to keep MORE