Gold Wing

Technology / Motorcycle / Gold Wing: Gold Wing is a Honda model first introduced in 1975. It's a touring motorcycle suitable for luxurious two-up touring. Many Gold Wing owners belong to the GWRRA.

Monetary Gold

Business / Finance / Monetary Gold: Gold held by government authorities as a financial asset. MORE

Narrowing The Spread

Business / Finance / Narrowing The Spread: Reducing the difference between the bid and ask prices of a security. MORE

Long-Term Borrowing

Business / Finance / Long-Term Borrowing: Liabilities that represent money borrowed from banks or other lenders to fund the ongoing operations of a business and that will not come due within one year. MORE

Limitation On Subsidiary Borrowing

Business / Finance / Limitation On Subsidiary Borrowing: A bond covenant that restricts in some way a firm's ability to borrow at the level of firm subsidiary. MORE

Left Wing

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Left Wing: The forward who lines up and operates primarily on the left side of the ice, usually a left-handed shooter. MORE

Left Wing Lock

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Left Wing Lock: The left wing lock is a defensive ice hockey strategy similar to the neutral zone trap. In the most basic form, once puck possession changes, the left wing moves back in line with the defensemen. Each MORE