Green Track

Technology / Motorcycle / Green Track: A new road-racing course with no rubber on the surface, which can be slippery. "I had to be careful during that practice session because the track was really green."

Other Words for Green

Green Adjective Synonyms: verdant, grassy, fresh, leafy, rural, country-like

Other Words for Track

Track Noun Synonyms: line, rail(s), way, railway, railroad
Track Adjective Synonyms: follow, dog, pursue, trace, stalk, shadow, trail, hunt down, chase, tail
Track Verb Synonyms: path, trail, route, footpath, course, road, street, alley

Red Green Blue (RGB)

Technology / Digital Cameras / Red Green Blue (RGB): The three colors to which the human visual system, digital cameras and many other devices are sensitive. MORE

Putting Green

Entertainment / Golf / Putting Green: (also 'green, putting surface, dance floor') the most closely mown and smooth (hopefully) area on the course, which is specifically prepared for putting and on which the hole is placed MORE

Punch The Greens

Entertainment / Golf / Punch The Greens: Another phrase for aerate MORE

Rub Of The Green

Entertainment / Golf / Rub Of The Green: An accident, not caused by the player or caddie, for which there is no relief under the rules (generally associated with a bad break) MORE

Same Direction Tracking

Technology / Radar / Same Direction Tracking: Tracking vehicles from behind or in front of the patrol vehicle going the same direction while the patrol vehicle is moving. All decatur police moving radars and decatur polie radar guns offer same di MORE

Storm Tracks

Science / Weather / Storm Tracks: The path or tracks generally followed by a cyclonic disturbance. MORE