Technology / Motorcycle / Hack: A Hack is another term for a sidecar. Also called a chair. Hacks are an old form of motorcycle transport that enabled riders to extend their riding season on the relative comfort of 3-wheels instead of two. Hacks are still an important part of the motorcycling scene.

Other Words for Hack

Hack Adjective Synonyms: chop, hew, lacerate, gash, slash, cut, mangle, butcher, mutilate, ruin, destroy, smash, batter, damage, deface
Hack Noun Synonyms: plodder, drudge, toiler, menial, flunkey, lackey, slave, fag, grind, swot
Hack Verb Synonyms: cut, gash, slash, chop


Entertainment / Golf / Hacker: (also 'chop, chopper, duffer, hack') a (usually) erratic and unskilled golfer whose technique is characterized by arm and hand oriented hitting at the ball rather than smooth swinging through the ball MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Hack-A-Shaq: A colloquial rhyme that comes from the term 'to hack,' common basketball slang meaning to commit a personal foul, and Shaq, being O'Neal's nickname. Famously used to hinder the scoring ability of Shaq MORE

Hackled Band

Science / Spiders / Hackled Band: The composite threads of the cribellate spiders, spun by cribellum and combed by the calamistrum. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Hacksaw: A metal blade of hardened steel having small, close teeth on one edge. It is held under tension in a U-shaped frame. MORE

Novel Of Manners

Entertainment / Literature / Novel Of Manners: A novel that describes in detail the customs, behaviors, habits, and expectations of a certain social group at a specific time and place. Usually these conventions shape the behavior of the main chara MORE

Victorian Period

Entertainment / Literature / Victorian Period: The period of British literature in the late nineteenth century. The date of the period is often given as 1837-1901--the years Queen Victoria ruled the expanding British Empire. Alternatively, the dat MORE