High Side

Technology / Motorcycle / High Side: A type of motorcycle crash that occurs when the rear wheel starts to slide in a turn (sometimes due to a locked brake and the resulting skidding tire), and then suddenly grips the pavement (which could occur when letting off the brake) flipping the bike sideways. The name derives from the side of the motorcycle that the rider will separate from. If forcibly thrown over the bike, the rider is said to have dismounted on the high side. Riders are usually advised to do a lowsider rather than a highsider if neither can be avoided. The highsider has the additional disadvantage of the rider often being catapulted into the air by the sudden jerking motion of the motorbike and the increased possibility of the motorbike sliding behind the rider with the potential of striking him or her. Because highside accidents are so much more deadly than lowside accidents, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends that if a rider locks the rear brake, it should be kept locked until the motorcycle comes to a stop. If necessary, locking the front brake to deliberately cause a lowside is recommended.

Other Words for High

High Adverb Synonyms: intoxication, altered consciousness
High Noun Synonyms: anticyclone
High Adjective Synonyms: tall, lofty, elevated, towering

Other Words for Side

Side Noun Synonyms: affectation, pretension, haughtiness, arrogance, insolence, pretentiousness, airs
Side Verb Synonyms: surface, face, plane, facet

Low Side

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