Hollister Incident

Technology / Motorcycle / Hollister Incident: A band of bikers rode into Hollister, CA. on July 4, 1947 for a 3-day rally. Some drunkenness occurred and the press made a sensational story out of it that appeared in Life magazine. Most of the biker movies have perpetuated the Hollister image that appeared in Life. The movie, the Wild One, starring Marlon Brando was based on this incident. Even today, motorcyclists are still viewed in the light of Hollister.

Other Words for Incident

Incident Noun Synonyms: event, occasion, occurrence, proceeding, circumstance, fact, happening, experience, episode

Incident Light Reading

Entertainment / Photography / Incident Light Reading: Measurement, by light meter, of the amount of incident light falling upon a subject. The light meter is placed close to the subject, pointing towards the main light source. MORE

Incidental Contact

Entertainment / Basketball / Incidental Contact: Minor, usually inadvertent contact, that is usually ignored by officials. MORE

Incidental Music

Entertainment / Music / Incidental Music: Music written to accompany dramatic works. MORE