Ignition Timing

Technology / Motorcycle / Ignition Timing: The process of setting the time that a spark will occur in the engine combustion chamber (during the power stroke) relative to piston position or crankshaft rotation. Setting the correct ignition timing is crucial in the performance of an engine. The ignition timing affects many variables including engine longevity, fuel economy, and engine power. Modern engines that are controlled by an engine control unit use a computer to control the timing throughout the engine’s RPM range. Older engines that use mechanical spark distributors rely on inertia (by using rotating weights and springs) and manifold vacuum in order to set the ignition timing throughout the engine’s RPM range.


Entertainment / Bowling / Timing: The relationship between your arrival at the foul line and the release. See early and late timing. MORE

Market Timing Costs

Business / Finance / Market Timing Costs: Costs that arise from price movement of a stock during a transaction period but attributable to other activity in the stock. MORE

Port Timing

Technology / Motorcycle / Port Timing: In two-stroke engines the critical moment when ports are covered or uncovered by the piston. Port timing can be modified to enhance a 2-stroke’s power and RPM range. MORE