Inlet Over Exhaust (IOE)

Technology / Motorcycle / Inlet Over Exhaust (IOE): Valve layout used on some early machines in which the exhaust valve was mounted to the side of the engine and the mechanically operated inlet valve was positioned above the exhaust.

Other Words for Exhaust

Exhaust Verb Synonyms: tire (out), fatigue, weary, wear out, enervate, fag, overtire, sap, strain, tax, weaken, prostrate, debilitate, disable, frazzle
Exhaust Noun Synonyms: use (up), expend, consume, finish, deplete, spend, dissipate, run through, squander, waste, fritter away, blow

Other Words for Over

Over Noun Synonyms: more than, greater than, upwards or upward of, in excess of, (over and) above, (over and) beyond, exceeding
Over Adverb Synonyms: (once) again, once more, one more time
Over Preposition Synonyms: across, to or from or on the other side of, beyond
Over Adjective Synonyms: above, on, upon, on top of, atop (of)


Entertainment / Tennis / Overrule: Reversing a call from the linesperson, done by the umpire MORE

Override Commission

Life Style / Travel / Override Commission: Extra commission paid by suppliers for quantity or volume sales. MORE


Life Style / Travel / Override: Extra commission that travel agents sometimes get, usually for selling a certain amount of a supplier's product. MORE


Science / Weather / Overrunning: This occurs when a relatively warm air mass is forced above a cooler air mass of greater density. Weather generally associated with this event includes cloudiness, cool temperatures, and steady precip MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Oversampling: A technique where each sample from a data converter is sampled more than once, i.e., oversampled. This multiplication of samples permits digital filtering of the signal, thus reducing the need for sha MORE


Technology / Aviation / Overshoot: To land beyond a runwway or planned spot. Opposite of UNDERSHOOT. MORE