Integrated Brakes

Technology / Motorcycle / Integrated Brakes: Integrated Brakes are used on motorcycles to link together the front and rear brakes. Many inexperienced riders in panic situations tend to overuse the rear (foot) brake. This causes skidding and possible loss of control. Integrated brakes work by applying one of the front disc brakes along with the rear brakes when the brake foot pedal is depressed. The best situation is for a motorcyclist to use the front and rear brakes together to effect a fast controlled stop. With Integrated Brakes, at least there is the improved chance that the bike will stop in a controlled manner just using the rear brake. Bear in mind that proper use of the front brake while applying the rear brake will cause the machine to stop faster.

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing

Health / Massage / Integrated Kabbalistic Healing: Integrated Kabbalistic Healing is a system of energy healing, developed by Jason Shulman, based on the traditional Judaic metaphysical path (Kabbalah), object-relations, and advaitic (non-dualistic) p MORE

Integrated Farm Management Program (IFMP)

Business / Agriculture / Integrated Farm Management Program (IFMP): A program authorized by the FACT Act of 1990 to assist producers in adopting resource-conserving crop rotations by protecting participants’ base acreage, payment yields, and program payments. The pr MORE

Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE)

Technology / Computers / Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE): Specifically refers to a hard disk with the disk controller integrated into it. Also refers to the ATA interface. IDE drives are characterized by a wide ribbon cable connecting the drive to the mother MORE