Lane Splitting

Technology / Motorcycle / Lane Splitting: Lane Splitting is the process of riding your motorcycle in the same lane with cars or other motorcycles. Normally it is done at low speeds with cars stopped or nearly so. California is a state that does allow it mainly because the California Highway Patrol motorcycle cops, CHP, do it. California regulations say: 'Lane splitting by motorcycles is permissible but must be done in a safe and prudent manner.'

Planetary Gear

Technology / Motorcycle / Planetary Gear: A gear system that consists of one or more outer gears (or planet gears), rotating about a central gear (or sun gear). Planet gears are often mounted on a movable arm or carrier which also may rotate MORE


Science / Astrology / Planet: From the Greek planetes, wanderer; used astrologically to describe any heavenly body which when viewed from Earth appears to move, as distinguished from fixed stars. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Plane: (also 'swing plane') most easily visualized as the plane that the shaft of the club or the clubhead's arc describes during the swing MORE