Leaf Spring

Technology / Motorcycle / Leaf Spring: A spring that comprises strips of spring steel clamped together commonly used for the suspension in wheeled vehicles. One end is fixed and the other is attached to the spring component. It is also one of the oldest forms of springing and was originally called laminated or carriage spring.

Other Words for Spring

Spring Verb Synonyms: start or begin or experience or cause to occur or appear or happen suddenly or unexpectedly, broach, pop, introduce or divulge or reveal or disclose suddenly or unexpectedly
Spring Noun Synonyms: leap, bound, jump, hop, vault, dart, fly, bounce

Spring Diatom Increase

Science / Marine Biology / Spring Diatom Increase: The major rapid population increase of diatoms, occurring in the spring in temperate-boreal latitudes MORE

Spring Dividers

Business / Machine Shop / Spring Dividers: Dividers whose legs are held together at the hinged end by the pressure of a C-shaped spring. MORE

Spring Clip Terminals

Technology / Home Audio / Spring Clip Terminals: Are usually found on lower-priced speakers, and low- to medium-priced receivers. They work best with bare wire connections with small-gauge speaker wire, or pin-type connectors (see connectors, above) MORE


Science / Weather / Spring: The season of the year which occurs as the sun approaches the summer solstice, and characterized by increasing temperatures in the mid-latitudes. Customarily, this refers to the months of March, April MORE

Simple Leaf

Science / Biology / Simple Leaf: A leaf in which the blade does not form leaflets. MORE

Spring Equinox

Life Style / Holiday / Spring Equinox: Buddhists throughout Southeast Asia celebrate the new solar year at the same time as Baisakhi. The Thai New Year celebration, Songkran is a three-day-long religious holiday. Celebrated around April 13 MORE