Technology / Motorcycle / Line: This describes the path of the motorcycle as a rider goes through a section of track or around a turn. Riders think hard about the best lines to take, lines that can be used for passing, and lines to be used later in a race when the track surface has changed.

Other Words for Line

Line Adjective Synonyms: mark, pencil-mark, pen-mark, rule, score, stroke, underline, underscore, diagonal, slash, virgule, shilling-mark, solidus, separatrix, oblique
Line Verb Synonyms: interline, cover, face, ceil
Line Noun Synonyms: wrinkle, crease, crinkle, furrow, crow's-foot

Transmission Pipeline

Science / Geology / Transmission Pipeline: A pipeline that carries natural gas from a region where it is produced to a region where it is stored or consumed. MORE

Distribution Pipeline

Science / Geology / Distribution Pipeline: A pipeline that carries natural gas between a main transmission line and a consumer. MORE

Line Echo Wave Pattern (LEWP)

Science / Weather / Line Echo Wave Pattern (LEWP): A wave-shaped bulge in a line of thunderstorms. It may often be seen as a 'S'-shaped radar echo signature and is often associated with severe weather. MORE

Line To Gain

Entertainment / Football / Line To Gain: A line parallel to the goal lines, such that having the ball dead beyond it entitles the offense to a new series of downs, i.e. A new 'first down'. The line is 10 yards in advance of where the ball wa MORE

Gathering Pipeline

Science / Geology / Gathering Pipeline: A pipeline that carries natural gas between a production well and a main transmission line. MORE

Security Market Line

Business / Finance / Security Market Line: Line representing the relationship between expected return and market risk or beta. The slope of this line is the risk premium for beta. MORE