Technology / Motorcycle / Loading: Compression of a motorcycle suspension. (Compare unloading).


Entertainment / Photography / Drop-In-Loading: Feature in all advanced photo system cameras that virtually eliminates film-loading problems by automatically accepting the leader less cassette. MORE


Business / Finance / Unloading: Trading in unlisted securities that occurs on an organized exchange to accommodate members. This practice is not permitted at the NYSE. MORE


Technology / Computers / Uploading: The process of transferring files from a local computer to a remote computer, network or Web server. The usual method of uploading files is done using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Utility. MORE

Concept-Based Overloading

Technology / Programming / Concept-Based Overloading: Concept-based overloading selects the most specific algorithm from a set of specializations of a given algorithm. MORE

Wing Loading

Technology / Aviation / Wing Loading: The maximum take-off gross weight of an aircraft divided by its wing area. MORE

Loading The Gun

Entertainment / Basketball / Loading The Gun: Placing the ball in the shootng pocket with the wrist cocked ready to shoot. MORE