Master Cylinder

Technology / Motorcycle / Master Cylinder: A Master Cylinder for a motorcycle is usually located in two places. The front master cylinder is positioned on the right handlebar where the front brake lever can easily activate it to control the front disc brake. The rear master cylinder is located near the foot brake. The Master Cylinder contains a reservoir of brake fluid and controls the movement of fluid through the brake lines to the Caliper assemblies.

Other Words for Master

Master Noun Synonyms: teacher, tutor, instructor, guide, leader, guru, swami
Master Adjective Synonyms: expert, authority, genius, craftsman, adept, maestro, mastermind, past master, old hand, virtuoso, ace, professional, pro, wizard, dab hand, crackerjack, maven or mavin
Master Verb Synonyms: owner, head, chief, leader, chieftain, commander, lord, governor, director, controller, employer, manager, overseer, supervisor, superintendent, taskmaster, slave-driver, principal, sovereign, monarch, ruler, lord high muck-a-muck, Pooh-Bah, kingpin

Masters Cup

Entertainment / Tennis / Masters Cup: The year end tennis competition for the atp tour where the top 8 players compete. MORE

Master Promissory Note

Life Style / College / Master Promissory Note: The legal, binding document that must be signed by the student borrower prior to loan funds being disbursed to Greenville Tech. The promissory note states the terms and conditions of the loan, includi MORE

Master Plan

Business / Real Estate / Master Plan: A comprehensive plan to guide the long-term physical development of a particular area. MORE