Technology / Motorcycle / Motorcyclist: A Motorcyclist is one who rides a motorcycle or bike. The similar term Biker brings up a different image to most people. There is not as much of a lifestyle change associated with the term Motorcyclist as there is with the term Biker.


Technology / Motorcycle / E-ZPass: Motorcyclists have always had a problem at toll plazas. They have to slow down, push up their face shields, stop, shift into neutral (sometimes even put the sidestand down and kill the engine because MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Sturgis: Town of 6000 in SD where the Sturgis Rally and Races is held in early August. Attracts as many as 400,000 motorcyclists to the area. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Touring: Traveling on a motorcycle to visit what's over the next hill. Carried to extreme, some motorcyclists tour up to 50,000 miles a year. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Wannabee: A Wannabee is someone who tries obsessively to emulate a person, profession, or activity, e.g., 'There are a lot of motorcycle wannabees in the world today. Some wannabee bikers actually become bikers MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Twisties: Twisties are any series of curves in the road that offer a challenge to a motorcyclist. MORE

Disc Brake

Technology / Motorcycle / Disc Brake: A Disc Brake consists of both a rotating portion called the Rotor and a stationary portion called the Caliper. The Rotor is attached to the wheel of the motorcycle. The Caliper assembly parts work aga MORE