Technology / Motorcycle / Off-Road: Off-Road implies that a motorcycle is ridden off the street onto dirt, trails, sand, woods, hilly terrain, etc. There are also Off-Road motorcycles that have special features to withstand the non-street environment presented by Off-Road riding.

Off-Road Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Off-Road Bike: A motorcycle designed for use in the dirt or off-pavement. They are typically not street legal, but sometimes they have lights and larger gas tanks. MORE

The Dakar

Technology / Motorcycle / The Dakar: Formerly known as "The Paris Dakar" and now as "The Lisbon Dakar Rally," or "Dakar Rally," and also simply referred to as "The Dakar." It is an off-road competition comprised of cars, motorcycles, and MORE

Rim Lock

Technology / Motorcycle / Rim Lock: Rim locks are used to prevent tires from slipping around motorcycle rims. They are primarily used on off-road bikes and/or any application using low tire pressure for enhancing off-road traction. Aggr MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Trials: Trials, or Observed Trials, is a form of off-road racing where the course is made up of a series of observed sections that contain natural obstacles such as mud, water, rocks, and logs. The contestant MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Supermoto: Generally, a style of motorcycle usually built around, and looking like, off-road machines with street tires. They tend to be very light, flickable machines, and are used in a genre of motorcycle raci MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Motocross: Off-road motorcycle racing held on enclosed, rough circuits. Motocross is derived from the French, and traces its origins to British Scrambling competitions. The name "motocross" is a contraction deri MORE