Oil Filter

Technology / Motorcycle / Oil Filter: An Oil Filter filters the oil in the engine. Changing the oil and oil filter is one task that many riders do for themselves. Consult your owner's manual for recommended intervals and oil weights to use.

Other Words for Filter

Filter Adjective Synonyms: sieve, colander, riddle, screen, strainer, gauze, cloth, cheesecloth, membrane
Filter Noun Synonyms: leach, percolate, drip, seep, dribble, trickle, drain, run or pass through, ooze

Other Words for Oil

Oil Noun Synonyms: lubricant, grease, lubricator, unguent


Life Style / Coffee / Oily: A term sometimes used to denote a coffee that has a roasted oily taste due to a high degree of roasting or an oily coffee having a greasy but not rancid taste. MORE

Panchromatic Vision Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Panchromatic Vision Filter: Filter through which the subject can be viewed approximately as it would appear in monochrome as recorded by a panchromatic emulsion. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Oilstones: Molded abrasives in various shapes used to hand-sharpen cutting tools. MORE

Oilseed Crops

Business / Agriculture / Oilseed Crops: Primarily soybeans, sunflower seed, canola, rapeseed, safflower, flaxseed, mustard seed, peanuts and cottonseed, used for the production of cooking oils, protein meals for livestock, and industrial us MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Oilhead: Oilhead refers to the air-cooled engines of more recent BMW motorcycles that also contain an oil cooler. MORE


Science / Biology / Oils: Triglycerides that are liquid at room temperature. MORE