Open Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Open Frame: Motorbike frame layout with a low structure between the seat and the steering head often associated with scooters. Also known as a Step-Thru.

Other Words for Frame

Frame Noun Synonyms: framework, shell, form, skeleton, support, chassis, framing, structure, fabric, scaffolding, construction
Frame Verb Synonyms: enclose, box (in), set off

Other Words for Open

Open Adjective Synonyms: ajar, gaping, agape, unfastened, unlocked, unbarred, unbolted, unlatched, unclosed
Open Verb Synonyms: unblock, clear, unobstruct, unclog, unstop

Open Stance

Entertainment / Tennis / Open Stance: Hitting the ball with the body facing between parallel to the baseline and facing the opponent; a modern technique. MORE

Open Syllable

Entertainment / Literature / Open Syllable: Any syllable ending in a vowel, like the word tree. MORE

Open System

Entertainment / Literature / Open System: A system that can be adjusted for new functions or purposes, and hence produce new and unpredicted results. Human language is an example of an open system. To a lesser extent, so is XML code (extensib MORE

Open Source

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Open Source: Software which is distributed with its source code such that developers can modify it as they see fit. On the web open source is a great strategy for quickly building immense exposure and mindshare. MORE

Open Shop

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Open Shop: An organization that hires workers without regard to their membership in a labor union. MORE

Open Return

Life Style / Travel / Open Return: A air ticket with no return date specified. Rarely done these days, usually quite expensive and not allowed on most discounted fares. MORE