Overhead Valve (OHV)

Technology / Motorcycle / Overhead Valve (OHV): A type of piston engine that places the camshaft in the cylinder block and uses pushrods or rods to actuate rocker arms above the cylinder head to actuate the valves. Lifters or tappets reside in the engine block between the camshaft and pushrods. This contrasts with an overhead cam (OHC) design which places the camshafts above the cylinder head and drives the valves directly or through short rocker arms. In an OHC engine, the camshafts are normally part of the cylinder head assembly, while in an OHV engine the camshaft (rarely more than one) is part of the main engine block assembly. Also called "pushrod engine" or "I-head" engine.

Other Words for Overhead

Overhead Adverb Synonyms: (basic or fixed) costs, operating cost(s), expense(s), outlay, disbursement(s), running cost(s), expenditure(s), maintenance, cost(s) of doing business
Overhead Verb Synonyms: (up) above, (up) in the air or sky, high up, on high, aloft, skyward
Overhead Noun Synonyms: elevated, raised, upper

Relief Valve

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Safety Valve

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Reed Valves

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