Parallel Twin

Technology / Motorcycle / Parallel Twin: A two-cylinder engine configuration in which both cylinders are mounted side-by-side and across the frame.

Other Words for Parallel

Parallel Noun Synonyms: analogue, match, homologue, equivalent, complement, counterpart, equal, coequal
Parallel Adjective Synonyms: similar, corresponding, congruent, analogous, analogic(al), correspondent, like, matching, homologous, coordinate, equivalent, coequal, proportional, proportionate, pari passu, mutatis mutandis, in proportion, uniform, contemporary or cotemporary

Other Words for Twin

Twin Adjective Synonyms: double, clone, duplicate, look-alike, counterpart, ringer


Entertainment / Literature / Parallelism: When the writer establishes similar patterns of grammatical structure and length. For instance, 'King Alfred tried to make the law clear, precise, and equitable.' The previous sentence has parallel st MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Parallels: Hardened steel bars accurately ground to size and ordinarily made in pairs in many different sizes to support work in precision setups. MORE

Past Parallel

Entertainment / Golf / Past Parallel: Beyond the point where the club's shaft is horizontal, or parallel with the ground, at the top of the backswing MORE


Technology / Motors / Paralleling: When two or more DC motors are required to operate in parallel - that is, to drive a common load while sharing the load equally among all motors - they should have speed-torque characteristics which a MORE

Parallel Wiring

Technology / Home Audio / Parallel Wiring: A circuit in which two or more devices are connected to the same source of voltage, sharing a common positive and negative point, so that each device receives the full applied voltage. MORE

Parallel Stance

Health / Pilates / Parallel Stance: When the feet, ankles, knees, and legs are aligned directly under the hip joints, with the toes pointing forward. For most people, the inner borders of the big toes will be 4 to 6 inches apart in para MORE