Pin It

Technology / Motorcycle / Pin It: To go full throttle: Reference to pinning the tachometer and/or the speedometer needle all the way to the right of the gauge. "Coming out of the last corner, I just pinned it and won."

Other Words for Pin

Pin Verb Synonyms: peg, dowel, bolt, thole, thole-pin, spike, rivet, drawing-pin, push-pin
Pin Noun Synonyms: brooch, clip, stickpin, tie-pin, scarf-pin, tie tack


Entertainment / Bowling / Pinning: Getting single pins and pairs (after the first ball). (Pin it out, etc.) MORE

Pindeck (Plate)

Entertainment / Bowling / Pindeck (Plate): The area upon which the pins are set. MORE

Pincushion Distortion

Entertainment / Photography / Pincushion Distortion: Lens aberration causing parallel, straight lines at the edge of the image to curve toward the lens axis. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Pindicator: A display board that shows the bowler which pins remain standing after the first ball. MORE

Pineal Gland

Science / Biology / Pineal Gland: A small gland located between the cerebral hemispheres of the brain that secretes melatonin. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Pineapple: Bronze, self-fertile V.rotundifolia (ie. Muscadine) variety. Reported as most productive and vigorous, usually ripening in mid-late season with good (16%) fruit sugar content. Claimed to have taste pr MORE