Technology / Motorcycle / Pits: Where the racing teams park their trucks and set up makeshift garages to work on the bikes and house the riders.

Spitsbergen Atlantic Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Spitsbergen Atlantic Current: A current setting northwestward off the southwest coast of Spitsbergen in the Greenland Sea. MORE

Gastric Pits

Science / Biology / Gastric Pits: The folds and grooves into which the stomach lining is arranged. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Naturalism: A literary movement seeking to depict life as accurately as possible, without artificial distortions of emotion, idealism, and literary convention. The school of thought is a product of post-Darwinian MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Omen: A miraculous sign, a natural disaster, or a disturbance in nature that reveals the will of the gods in the arena of politics or social behavior or predicts a coming change in human history. Greek cult MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Grappa: An Italian brandy distilled from the pulpy mass of skins, pits, stalks left in the wine press after the juice of the grapes have been extracted. Young grappa is fairly fiery, but mellows with age. MORE

Gallium (Ga)

Science / Periodic Table of Elements / Gallium (Ga): Atomic number: 31, Atomic mass: 69.72 g.mol -1, Electronegativity: unknown, Density: 5.1 g.cm-3 at 20°C, Melting point: 29.8 °C, Boiling point: 2204 °C, Vanderwaals radius: 0.161 nm, Ionic radius: MORE