Poker Run

Technology / Motorcycle / Poker Run: A Poker Run is an organized motorcycle event where riders travel over a prescribed course and at designated stopping points, select a card. At the end of the run, the person with the best poker hand wins a prize. Poker Runs usually require a fee to enter with a part of the proceeds going to charity. Some runs are done from bar to bar but in the interest of safety, I don't recommend these. The best runs have a dinner at the end point and only serve soft drinks. Please do not drink and ride your motorcycle. The rules for Poker Runs vary depending on the event.

Other Words for Run

Run Verb Synonyms: sprint, race, scamper, scurry, scud, dart, bolt, dash, flit, tear (along), scoot, scuttle, zip, whiz or whizz, gallop, jog, trot, lope, rush, hurry (up), hasten, scramble, hustle, step lively, hop (to) it, step on it, put on some speed, hie, Collo
Run Noun Synonyms: go, cover, pass over, sprint, race


Life Style / Travel / Run-Of-Ship: Cabin is assigned at the last moment, giving the cruise line the ability to shift accommodations as needed. Usually, you are guaranteed a minimum category of cabin, and sometimes get an upgraded state MORE

Run-Of-Schedule (ROS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Run-Of-Schedule (ROS): Scheduling of commercials at any time of a station's choosing. MORE

Run-Of-House (Roh)

Life Style / Travel / Run-Of-House (Roh): Refers to a hotel room, the type of which is assigned at the discretion of the hotel shortly before you arrive. Usually, the rates are lower. MORE